shipping & Tracking

When will my order be shipped?


We take lightning fast shipping time as one of our strong points and strive to ship orders out as quickly as possible. Orders paid will be shipped within 24h if they are all in stock, order paid but need manufacturing depends on the lead time of the production usually 1-3 days depends on how big your order is. However, we do shipping on weekdays only, from 9:30am to 6:00pm CCT (China center time), excluding weekends and major Chinese holidays. For orders routed to shipping in off-work days, we will ship them on the next business day.For pre-order items, we will ship the items based on the shipping schedule we displayed in the product page. Please kindly note that shipping time for pre-orders item is based on the manufacturer’s delivery commitment with us. There may be delays occasionally due to unforeseen and uncontrollable reasons. In this case, we will do our best to notify you to arrange your preferred solution. For more details about pre-order, please read our pre-order FAQ entry here.For out-of-stock items, please offer us 24-72 working hours to stock the item first before shipping. In some exceptional cases that the item needs more time for stocking, we will contact you to make new arrangements per your desire. That is to say, we highly recommend you to contact us for shipping time first before making purchase in this case.We can’t explicitly display shipping time for out-of-stock items due to the fact that the stock status is constantly changing at the manufacturers' side. Shipping information obtained from the manufacturers will be more accurate when asked in a specific time than in general.Once an order is picked up by the shipping forwarder in our warehouse, we will update your order as shipped and the tracking number will be assigned to your order. You can check your order status and the tracking number in your Hoohoom account.Per the requirement of our shipping agencies, some packages need to be transferred in Hong Kong, and only till the packages arrive in their Hong Kong facility there will be tracking number available. For these packages, the order will be updated as shipped after the shipping forwarder picks up the items in our warehouse, but tracking number will be updated in 24-48 working hours later.An email notification will be sent to your account email or in your message inbox automatically after shipping.


Who do we use for shipping?


To guarantee safe delivery of your order, we use only world-class and reliable express shipping agencies, such as DHL, USPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS and ARAMEX. We continually endeavored to provide more speedy and reliable shipping services to our customers. The exact available shipping services are displayed during checkout at the time of ordering.

Where do you ship to?


Depending on the shipping services we use, we can ship to most of the major countries in the world. The shipping services available for your order will be detected automatically during checkout. You may choose one based on shipping fee and your preference.We can’t ship to PO/APO/FPO address as express shipping requires a signature at the time of delivery. However, you can call the express company to hold the package at their local facility and pick up the goods in specified time.Hoohoom doesn’t ship to China due to company compliance reasons. And for some items restricted by manufacturer’s exclusive distribution in certain areas, Hoohoom can’t and will not ship those items to you if you are in that specific region.


How is shipping fee charged?


We fully understand that international shipping cost takes a large part in total purchasing cost. Thus we are dedicated to searching for the most competitive shipping forwarders in relation to delivery speed, reliability and pricing. We take use of actual shipping charging rate by the shipping agents, whose pricing is much better in most cases than the ones from express company directly. The shipping fee for your order will be calculated during checkout automatically based on the order weight and destination. Express company such as DHL charges remote area surcharge. You can verify if your address is determined by DHL as remote area here. The surcharge is about $30.00 usually. Please kindly note that for remote area's shipping address, we may contact you for extra surcharge as charged by DHL before shipping of your order. Any other surcharges applied by the express company, such as change of shipping address, are charged upon each such request individually.

Choos your suitable shipping way

We fully understand that international shipping cost takes a large part in total purchasing cost. Thus we are dedicated to searching for the most competitive shipping forwarders in relation to delivery speed, reliability and pricing. We mainly recommend 8 ways of shipping to different countries or areas,which have been calculated and evaluated the prices,reliability,time and limits in order to provide the best consumption experience for you.

The ways are as followings:

1. DHL: ETA.5-7 working days. The order should not contain dry cells.

2. UPS: ETA.for order weight under 20KG: 3-5 working days. ETA.for order weight over 20KG: 1-3  working days. Cell weight should not be over 10% of the total order weight;

3. UPS Exclusive Line for Cells:  ETA.6-8 working days. It's only for orders where cells weight over  4KG.

4. EMS: ETA.9 working days. It doesn't support orders that contain cells or built-in cells.

5.Russia Exclusive Line:  ETA.12 working days. It only delivers to Russia.

6.Kazakhstan Exclusive Line: ETA.14 working days. It only delivers to Kazakhstan.

7.Belrus Exclusive Line: ETA.14 working days. It only delivers to Belrus.

8.Europe Exclusive Line: ETA.9 working days. It only delivers to European countries. 


1.When buying items free of cells,we strongly recommend customers from Europe and US choose the shipping way of DHL;

2.When the items include cells,cells’ weighting under 10% of the total order weight, you can choose UPS directly and if the weight exceeds 10%,we will send the cell separately by the UPS battery-exclusive line too;

3.Customers from those countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan,Belrus,whose shipping ways are exclusive lines can buy items from Hoohoom without so much limits;

4.Countries not mentioned above such as the Asian countries or south-American countries can choose EMS,and if your chosen items include cells,we will ship you cells in other shipping way.

5.All in sum,all the shipping ways bounced and the shipping fess you will pay on your check-out page are handpicked on the basis of our cloud-data calculations and the optimum combination of shipping ways so we hope you can understand.Lastly ,Hoohoom hope you will have a wonderful buying experience here!

Estimated transit time


Express shipping services we provide usually take 1-4 working days for delivery, depending on your shipping address and the shipping services you have selected for your order during checkout.Please kindly note that once the package leaves our warehouse, we have no direct control over how the shipping courier handles the packages, and although it is rare, there may be delays due to bad weather, strike and other unforeseen reasons, and damages due to rough handling. Hoohoom will not be responsible for delivery delays due to reasons out of our control. For damaged packages, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the goods and we will help to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.


Taxes and customs duties


When shopping from overseas, it is important to know that you are importing the products, and will therefore likely have to pay your local custom duties. Each country has its own set of import laws and rules, which change often and are assessed at the port of entry by a customs officer. Hoohoom ships items to major countries in the world and can’t know each country’s custom regulations, taxes, tariffs and duties for vapor products. Customers will be responsible for their local custom issues.In cases of processing delay, seizure and rejection of your package by your local custom, although it rarely happens, Hoohoom will try our best to help resolve the issue, but we have no control under such scenarios and can’t assume responsibility.


Incorrect or incomplete address submission


Please review your shipping address carefully when placing an order. Errors in the shipping address will cause delays in processing, transit times or returned orders. In case the package is returned due to inaccurate address provided by customers, we will only reship the order until it is returned to us by the courier and the customer has paid the cost for reshipping the order.


Incorrect payment


If we are unable to process your order due to inaccurate or incomplete payment information, your order processing may be delayed. We will contact you via email or phone calls for further information in order to verify your payment. If we cannot confirm the necessary information, the order will be cancelled after 3 business days and you will receive a full refund.