guarantee & return

Hoohoom respects your order rights. As much as we would like to satisfy our customers, below terms regarding product warranty is set to avoid unnecessary disputes.


1. Order cancellation and refund

All sales are final. No refund will be issued once an order is paid, unless the refund claim is resulted from our errors. In such case, the refund will be issued to your payment gateway or as Hoohoom store credit per your desire in 5 working days. Once an order is shipped, no refund or exchange will be issued. P.S: Faster refund processing time is one of the benefits high-rank customers enjoy. For more details, please see our member rank policy.

2. Warranty coverage

Product warranty is classified into two types, D.O.A ((Damaged On Arrival)) and periodic warranty. Our warranty coverage is as below:


 Products included

 Periodic warranty

 E-cig Batteries, USB charging cable, wall adapter(You can check in the Item5 to see the specific time)

 D.O.A warranty

 All Atomizers, coils and their accessories

If one of below conditions matches, the warranty is voided:

(1)     The item has been modified

(2)     Abuse or misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to use this product for its normal purposes or in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on usage and maintenance.

(3)     Accidents, Acts of God, lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, or any causes beyond the control of the sellers.

(4)     Normal wear and tear

3. Returns and Procedure

(1) D.O.A(Damaged On Arrival). In this case, please contact us as soon as possible. Then we will proceed to confirm the issue and arrange replacement in a timely manner. Replacement will be shipped with your next order usually.

(2) Wrong or Missing items. If the order is shorted or wrong items are received, please contact us within 48 hours after receiving the package. Delivery time is based on the time stamp on the tracking site. After receiving your claim, our support staff will confirm the issue with you and process reshipment, which will be shipped with your next order usually.

(3) Time warranty. Our default product warranty is different from various brands and the specific time of each brand can be check in the following item 5, but atomizers, cartomizers and their accessories are not included for the warranty. According to different warranty time, your claim must be reported to us within the relevant warranty time after shipment. After receiving your claim, our support staff will help to confirm and arrange replacement, which will be shipped with your next order usually.

(4) You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number and Return Address from us before returning any items. We are unable to accept unauthorized returns, so please be sure to contact our Customer Service Department prior to return any items to us. After providing a RMA to you, we will send you return instructions.


4. Return Items Statement 

(1) Only the kit body will be reissued if the body of the kit has been damaged;

(2) Only the battery will be reissued if the battery of the kit has been damaged;

(3) Only the atomizer will be reissued if the atomizer of the kit has been damaged;

(4) Only the glass case will be reissued if the glass case of the atomizer of the kit has been damaged;

(5) As for Geekvape, if there is something wrong with the atomizer, we will first check out what the problem is and usually we only reissued the base of the atomizer, not the whole;

(6) As for HOTCIG, if there is something wrong with your product, you should first refer to the official web to check whether your item really does wrong:, besides, you should also return the broken items back for the manufacturers to check, and the shipping fee will be decide on specific circumstance;

(7) As for OBS, if there is something wrong with the glass case ,we will only reissued the case ,not the whole atomizer; if there are some accessaries lost, we will only reissued the accessaries;

(8) As for the WISMEC, if the American clients have something wrong with the RX200, you should send your broken items to the American agencies :3045 Edinger Ave, Tustin, CA 927809494519200Myvapors Warranty Department and besides that ,you should provide your tracking number and the manufacturer will track; as for the clients from other countries, make a video to show your problems;

(9) As for the UD, if there is something wrong with the base of the RBA, only the base will be reissued, the same as the glass case;

(10) As for the Kanger, you should take a photo of the series number and describe your problems;

(11) As for the Joyetech, all mistaken items will be reissued unless there are scratches on the item;

(12) All the damaged items require the box as well as the series number so you have to retain them carefully. 


5. Warranty

As you can see, all brands come with limited warranty time. So if there is any defective item, please contact us in time. The warranty policy is subject to change without prior notice. Problem verification---Material required for warranty, product serial number. It is written on retail box, so whatever records the S/N number. Kanger also needs the security number. b. Proof for the defect. Photo or video, whatever is appropriate. About how to make a valid video, here is an example: 



Important notices: The same rule applies to the problem of battery mod can't be charged and so on. The key is to remember to test the assistant tool(atomizer in above case) is working first.

One thing to remember: for the same problem, you can make them in one video, but different brands shall be separated. Please kindly contact us ASAP when you have defective products so we can help you earlier. Thank you.