Customs & tax

Because of the relative novelty of the technology and the possible relationship to tobacco laws and medical drug policies, e-cigarette legislation are currently pending in many countries. We appreciate you doing a research about import risks on your local country firstly.

The customer is responsible for all customs issues including tariffs, taxes, import laws and item seizures in destination country.

Our practice to help clear customs.

Generally, there will be a package list inside the parcel. It is a complete list of items we sent, it will also instruct you how we packed. This package list can be removed if you leave an message or payment note to remind us of it.

Generally, we don't declare any parcel as "e-cigarette", we declare an unrelated name, we don't attach any Proforma Invoice in the parcel. We also mark a lower value to avoid tax. For small orders, we mark around US$35, for larger orders, we mark no more than US$450. If you want us to mark certain amount, feel free to leave an order message before you submit your order.

If you have special packing or declaration instructions, please leave an message in order message box or payment note to let us know, we would like to follow your instruction and we will also give you our suggestion.

Kindly note that we have made some changes with the declare information due to the more and more strict rules.

More detailed information please check here.

Customers' Feedbacks

It can't help being risky to import e-cigarette, especially e-juice and prefilled cartridges.

We don't send orders to HongKong as it is forbidden to import e-cigarette there.
We don't send orders within China, as we only do foreign trade.

According to our customers' feedbacks, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa and Switzerland customs pay attention to parcels containing e-juice and prefilled cartridges. We also have orders seized by those customs. Customers from the other listed countries, please do not purchase many e-juice and prefilled cartridges in one shipment.

According to our customers' feedback, it is not easy to clear customs in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, so we remove packing list from the packages.

Canada and Mexico customers, please be advised that for the order total amount more than US$100(with shipping fee) We will cancel the order without notice.

We don't ship prefilled cartridges and e-juice to Denmark. If Denish customers purchase e-liquid e-juice, we will cancel the order directly, if you purchase starter kits of Joye510, Joye eGo or any other models, we will replace the prefilled cartridges with empty(blank) cartridges.

Sep 13, 2010: Switzerland customs allows 150 ml of e-liquid in one shipment since Sep.13th, 2010.

Oct  8, 2010: Recenlty, we have several orders seized by Korea customs, our customers have to pay high custom duties for clearance, Korea customers please pay attention to it.

Oct 11, 2010: Our Finnish customers reported that e-liquid and prefilled cartridges are prohibited to enter Finland. May 12, 2011: Petri reported that e-liquid and prefilled cartridges are legal to enter Finland now. Oct 26, 2011: Finns are allowed to order less than 60$ with shipping fee (43.45 euros with 24.10 rate) without responsible pay taxes and duties. When order is over that, customer is responsible to pay some taxes and duties.  Jan 20, 2012: Timo Nuutinen reported, Finns are allowed to order e-liquid with nicotine from EEA (European economic area, 30 countries), but it is prohibited to order nicotine-products from outside EEA. (however, we can order e-cigarettes and e-liquids without nicotine from outside EEA)

Nov 16, 2010: Our kind customer Muck reported that German and Austrian authorities had declared the e-liquid as medical product, it is forbidden to sell e-liquid.

Apr 06, 2011: Since 01.01.2011 in Bulgaria we have to pay tax for all goods sent from abroad, which exceeds EUR15 - :( Too bad).

June 16, 2011: Our friend Paul reported that Argentina banned e-cigs now!

August 4, 2011: Oliver reported that E-liquid containing nicotine (stock no more than 3 months) can be legally imported for personal use in New Zealand.

August 29, 2011: After gathering information from our Germany customers, we will proceed the orders to Germany as follows:

1. Put the paypal bills outside the package, mark the same values as paypal bills in customs declaration. Please be advised that Germany customs will charge duty for up to EURO 22 or EURO 25 orders, EURO 22 & EURO 25 are quoted from our customers' information.

2. Declare the hardware order as "spare parts", declare all orders containing e-liquid as "fragrance lamp oil".

3. We will not send the package list with the package.

4. It is available for both EMS and Register airmail parcels.

If you don't want us to handle your orders in this way, you must leave an order message in "Order Postscript" before you submit your order. We will handle your order according to your requirements.

May 24, 2012: We received one report that the paypal invoice we attached was not available when it arrived to Germany.  Before shipping, we put the paypal invoice in a plastic bag and stick to the package. Our colleague will check 2 times to ensure it is enclosed. However, there is the chance that it is lost during transit. In order to avoid this problem, we will put one paypal invoice outside the package like we did before, meanwhile, we will put one paypal invoice inside the package.

October 17, 2011:  Infomation from Espen Hansen in Norway:

"Norway as off 23.02.2011 prohibited the import of new products that contain nicotine from countries that are outside the EU-law.  And are very strict with now about the nicotine imports concerning the e-juice. But knowing this country I personally do not belive that they got enough manpower to check everything.  E-cig parts that dose not contain nicotine is 100% allowed through."

Nov 22, 2011:  Paco from Spain reported that "it´s clear we can´t order e-liquid from China as they will block it here. Hardware no problem but e-liquid impossible."

Dec 27, 2011: Our Netherlands Friend reported "our minister decided to prohibit nicotine containing liquid,", check here.  March 14, 2012: Good news! According to our friend's report, The Netherlands has lifted the ban on the import of nicotine liquids for the time being.

March 5, 2012: From Australia friend's email: "I rang up Aus customs office and they told me that it is not forbidden to bring/mport liquid nicotine into Australia. However they was not sure about a custom duty and told me to submit an official form with an enquiry. I also googled it and it returned with a result saying its ok to import 3 months usages of liquid nicotine."



March 27, 2012: New report: As of 1st March Bahrain Customs is blocking all e-cigarette deliveries coming into the country. Based on a decree by the ministry of health importing of e-cigarettes and any related Materials (i.e. parts & Liquids) is prohibited.




Nov 28, 2014:  From Israel friend's friend's email: "In Israel we don't have a problem to import e-cig , we have a problem to import e liquid with nicotine and chargers for lithium batteries like the nitecore and the plug like in the eGrip (eu plug) "

Dec 5, 2016: From Romania friend's report: "Since it isn't customs problem, only health ministry to check on us. Customs just need to stop imports for end users, companies should have no problems importing. It is possible for customs to confiscate products if checking the contents. "

Orders seized by customs

If your customs need us to offer Proforma Invoice to clear customs, please contact us, we will send you as soon as possible.

If your order is seized by your customs unfortunately, please require them to return the parcel to the sender in the same tracking number, it won't cause any costs to you. As soon as we receive your parcel, we will refund you the goods cost or re-ship your order on receiving your shipping fee.

We are not responsible for products being confiscated by the Customs in your countries.